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Eduardo ARROYO - Alfred COURMES - MADRID. 27th issue


Dear friends, I hope that your after holidays period started well.

The come back of Alfred Courmes went well as Eduardo Arroyo and Fabienne Di Rocco chose to exhibit eight of his works in Madrid as part of their exhibit "La oficina de San Jeronimo".

This exhibition inaugurated last September 17 lasts until March 27, 2016 and stands in the grounds of the Casa del Lector at Matadero Madrid. It highlights the relationship of painting to literature in a tribute to the book, narration, reading and writing, to variations and metamorphoses of writing.




In the publication No. 11 "Alfred Courmes, Eduardo Arroyo, a benevolent angel" you will find a portrait of Eduardo Arroyo, some of his works and a description of the proposed exhibition.


Three other French painters, Clovis Trouille, Jules Lefranc, Pierre Roy are present in Madrid chosen by the commissioners because they symbolize, as Alfred Courmes, independence, indifference to rules and currents, and the unconditional compliance  to a narrative and singular painting. They occupy the scene of the fifth "chapter" of the exhibition.


Some pictures of the opening night:

IMG_0442.JPGIMG_0443.JPG   IMG_0420.JPG  

Opening night of the exhibition "La oficina de San Jerónimo"





Pascale Quillerier-Lesieur and Thierry Courmes                        Thierry Courmes and Véronique C.  

(Granddaughter and grandson of Alfred Courmes)



The paintings selected for the exhibition : (Chronological order)



L'étrangleur à la casquette rose, 1925, Huile sur toile (130 x 97 cm) Coll. part. ©adagp.


Du vélo... Elle en veut, 1929, Huile sur toile (55 x 45 cm) Coll. part. ©adagp.


Situation macabre ou Homme accidenté par une scie à bois, 1925, Huile sur toile (60 x 73 cm) Coll. part. ©adagp.




Le départ à la guerre (Gare de l'Est), 1940, Huile sur toile (130 x 89 cm) Coll. part. ©adagp.





45 % de B.A. , 1960, Huile sur toile (162 x 130 cm) Coll. part. ©adagp.

Link to the publication No. 4, which speaks of this painting




La pneumatique salutation angélique1968, Huile sur toile (100 x 85 cm) FNAC en dépôt au musée "La Piscine" à Roubaix.  ©adagp.

Link to the publication No. 7, which speaks of this painting




L'intervention de l'armée est demandée (2 panneaux)1969, Huile sur toile (54 x 69 cm) Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. ©adagp.




Antigone et son papa1973, Huile sur toile (100 x 81 cm) Coll. part. ©adagp.



You can find the whole selection paintings in the Alfred COURMES shop.


Some tourism:


The Matadero Madrid:

It is a cultural space located in the old slaughterhouse and cattle market in the city of Madrid. This interdisciplinary center of contemporary creation has many fields: visual arts, literature and reading (La Casa del Lector), cinema, architecture, theater etc;



The dynamic Spanish capital is really warm and an ideal city to spend a great weekend. His often pedestrian areas are rich of squares  where many small restaurants or tapas bars await you.

The Prado Museum is obviously a must to visit with, among others, "The Garden of delights" by Hieronymus Bosch and "The Triumph of Death" by Pieter Bruegehl but also the Reina Sofia museum with "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso.




Le jardin des délices, 1503-1504, Huile sur bois (220 x 390 cm, triptyque ouvert) Musée du Prado, Madrid



Le jardin des délices (Détails) - Jérôme Bosch (1450-1516) 






 Le triomphe de la mort, 1562, Huile sur bois (117 x 162 cm) Musée du Prado, Madrid


 images (1).jpgTriomphe de la mort - détail bis.jpg  Triomphe de la mort - détail ter.jpg


Le triomphe de la mort (Détails) Pieter Brueghel l'Ancien (vers 1525 - 1569)





Guernica, 1937, Huile sur toile  (349 x 777 cm), Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Musée Reina Sofia, Madrid


Extract from the newspaper El Mundo:


"... But the revelation of this exhibition is in the works of four French painters" absolutely unknown in Spain and rarely known in France  "Alfred Courmes, Jules Lefranc, Pierre Roy and Clovis Funk. "They are wonderful and unjustly forgotten ..."


Link to the newspaper article



Thanks to Eduardo Arroyo  and Fabienne Di Rocco for this wonderful exhibition. They offer to Alfred Courmes a marvelous gift in Madrid exposing eight of his paintings. A beautiful catalog is available at the Casa del Lector or by order on the site of Turner Publishing (link to purchase site).


"Fabienne Di Rocco and Eduardo Arroyo, commissioners of the exhibition." 


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